What is [SSEX BBOX]?
[SSEX BBOX] is a free sex-positive web documentary series that captures and offers intelligent, impactful, non-mainstream perspectives about sexuality, gender, relationships and intimacy from thought leaders, educators, and regular people living, learning and loving outside the box.

Project’s Mission
The mission of [SSEX BBOX] is to expand consciousness, dismantle shame, reduce isolation, eliminate ignorance and facilitate community, education and awareness on a global basis by questioning old and often obsolete understandings of sexuality, gender, relationships and intimacy.  The mission is also to provide shame-free information, conversations and new ideas about the many facets of human sexuality with a Creative Commons license, which helps the creators retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make use of the project widely though non-commercially

Project’s Purpose
[SSEX BBOX] exposes our commonalities and our uniqueness when it comes to sexual expression, gender expression, emotional expression, and intimate relationships.
 The project’s creators believe strongly that these topics should be discussed, explored, felt, and promoted with enough intelligence, sensitivity, provocation and consciousness to inspire viewers to love themselves and their sexuality even more. [SSEX BBOX] actively encourages this through offering accessible, engaging, accurate and thoughtful discourse. The project will continue to reach a wide international audience by being the first ever web-documentary series about these themes.

Project’s Approach
[SSEX BBOX] takes a sociological and ideological approach to educating viewers about issues pertaining to non-mainstream sexuality, gender politics, relationships, sexual health & healing, as well as somatic & emotional intelligences.  Throughout the project is an underlying theme about
how patriarchy has affected our perceptions of ourselves as women and men regardless of race, sexual orientation, etc, and how we are now reclaiming our essential, innately sexual selves.

Project’s Commitment
Our commitment is to create a space (both virtual and real-time) that stimulates conversations about sexuality and helps others find out more about themselves and their desires. With this in mind, we are committed to making [SSEX BBOX] easily accessible for our audience to benefit from and enjoy. By using the web and social media tools to distribute the project’s films and other resources free of charge, we are actively creating an all-inclusive, supportive global network to help people know they are not alone in their desire to embrace their sexuality, gender, relationships and intimacy with positive perspectives and healthy self-expression.



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